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To round off your wellness holiday programme, we offer, as you would expect from a boutique hotel in the Allgäu, a small but exquisite selection of valuable treatments for your well-being. The classical massage in its present form was developed by the Swede Pehr Hendrik Ling and the Dutch doctor Johann Georg Mezger. However, its origins date back to 2600 BC in China. It releases tension, promotes circulation and creates a general feeling of well-being.

In our Allgäu wellness hotel, we use pure almond oil or a base cream as a basis for your treatments, as well as precious, natural oils and essences from the Allgäu natural cosmetics manufacturer Primavera. We offer medically effective massages and lymphatic drainages as well as an exclusive selection of wellness massages and packs to perfectly round off your holiday in the Allgäu. We will be happy to advise you in detail about our treatments.

In order to find the right date for your treatment or massage in Mittelberg im Allgäu, we kindly ask you to request an appointment as early as possible, preferably before your arrival.

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Massages Overview & Download

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It is best to book your massage appointments before arrival. This way we can keep your desired dates free and your pampering and relaxation time is assured.


Classic massages


Classic back massage25 minutes40 €
Shoulder and neck massage25 minutes40 €
Leg massage25 minutes40 €
Full body massage55 minutes80 €
Fango pack25 minutes46 €
Foot reflexology massage40 minutes61 €
Ear candle treatment with relaxation massage40 minutes65 €




Lymphatic drainage legs40 minutes62 €
Lymphatic drainage arms25 minutes43 €
Lymphatic drainage full body55 minutes82 €
Lymphatic drainage face25 minutes42 €


Wellness Behandlungen


Aroma Oil Massage (by Primavera)25 minutes42 €
Aroma Oil Massage (by Primavera)55 minutes84 €
Lomi Lomi Massage55 minutes84 €
Hay-oil-honey massage55 minutes84 €
Mayr's favourite - mountain honey massage55 minutes84 €


Primavera Massagen


Natural body experience85 minutes116 €
Aurum Manus85 minutes124 €

Book your desired date now

In order to make your desired appointment possible, we kindly ask you to arrange your massage appointment with us before your arrival.

We are happy to answer your questions and provide advice by telephone on +49 8366 180 or by e-mail at

We look forward to your enquiry.

Your Mittelburger Wellness Team


Even a small beer can be wellness on some days.

Karl Mayr

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